Multiple Offers in 14 Days!

Erin did an exceptional job selling my house in North Gilham (14 days on the market), and helped me into a new house with a great price. She was able to negotiate and get me the price I wanted, as well as additional inclusions to help close the deal.

Success Buying From Out of State

Leslie and Erin were both fantastic real estate agents for us from start to finish! We shopped around for an agent and spoke to many other professionals, however, we were so impressed with this team and it was a no-brainer to work with them to find a home.

We did a large majority of the home buying process from out of state, which could have been pretty risky but certainly did not feel scary with Leslie on our side. Leslie was so prompt to respond to us and quickly toured houses were were interested in (and involved us on FaceTime), which was extremely crucial in this fast moving market in Eugene. She was also extremely honest about the pros and cons of each home and neighborhood based on our wishes and budget, and was quick to identify any "red flags" in a home.

Ultimately, Leslie and Erin assisted us with buying our dream home, and they made the process feel shockingly smooth and easy. Definitely could not have done it without them. Thank you so much! Amanda & Logan

Decades of Experience

Leslie's decades of experience shows. Her competence and grace during the tricky moments of process was impressive. She always had the answers with professionalism, prompt replies, excellent direct communication, empathy and kindness.

Exceeding Expectations

As an attorney AND a former realtor from California, I am super fussy about my expectations for a realtor. Let me just say that Erin and Leslie blew me away. Erin was a friend before she became our realtor, and she was really born to be a realtor. She is gracious, kind, thoughtful and the most persistent, hard-working person you can imagine. She will leave no stone unturned! I know that if something doesn't happen, it is definitely NOT for lack of effort on Erin's part. She is also super patient and has great vision and thoughtfulness. She is also INCREDIBLE at staging homes and making sure that they show well. Leslie is also a treasure - she is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about Eugene, and she is cool-headed, patient and creative. The two would be incredible alone; together, they are the best real estate team in the Eugene area. I will never consider using another realtor again.

Going the Extra Mile

Erin Ralston was amazing in the sale of our City View Street home. It was our first home, we were quite attached to it, and then it'd been a rental property for 3 years. What we went into thinking would be relatively simple, turned into a fairly major project. There were many upgrades and repairs to be done before the sale and Erin was instrumental in helping us decide what was important to get done before listing and what to wait on. I truly believe she saved us a significant amount of money in the end. The house was occupied by tenants at the time of preparation and listing, and while they are wonderful people, it was still a big logistical challenge. Erin has wonderful people skills and was so kind and helpful with them. She worked to coordinate service people with our timeline, the workers schedules and still be accommodating with the people living in the home. The buyer was very particular, and again, Erin was incredibly professional and tactful when dealing with their numerous requests. She also has the right balance of fairness, kindness and tenacity. Erin was excellent at negotiating a tough deal. When I became stressed at different points along the process, Erin never failed to calm my worries and handle the situation with professionalism, kindness & care. She was truly a dignitary, keeping everything flowing smoothly and reducing everyone's stress over such a large transaction. She made the process much smoother than it could have been with a different agent. Erin has just what it takes to be an excellent Broker and we do not hesitate to recommend her in any real estate transaction. We are also available for a personal phone reference at any time.